Old Buffer Object

Hello, I am a beginner in Open GL programming and I’m currently trying to use what I beleive is a sort of buffer object to read a wireframe data file from a very old game. All of the points are stored in IEEE 745 FPUs in its own indexed section. Another section has a list of “mixed modes” sometimes GL_triangle and sometimes GL_QUADS the format is like this

0004 (GL_QUAD) 0000,0001,0002,0003 (the verticies)
0003 (GL_TRIANGLES) 0002, 0009,0008.

I am looking through my book from NEHE, but I cant figure out which function would let me use this data without too much manipulation.
I’m wondering if anyone recognizes this format, it is probably obsolete (circa 1998).

I guess you’ll have to separate the list of indices for triangles and quads (so you have one set of contiguous triangles and then the quads) and draw them with different draw calls (one with triangles as primitive and other with quads)

I’m afraid so. I build a simple switch case routine to draw them out individually right now. When I use GL_QUADS it fills in the quad. Is there anyway to not have it filled in? I tried Quad strip but it doesnt add the line back to the original point. Thanks