ok here is my problem with MOHAA

what if the graphics card is only a mere RageII?everytime i start MOHAA up the cd drives starts to spin but then it stops and i get a pop-up name MOHAA console.in it it says "GLW_StartOpen() -could not load OpenGL subsystem."i have tried everything i can think of but nothing works.please some1 help me.

i have the same problem some1 please please help us

i’ll join the club. i’ve tried everything ever mentioned on the net about this issue, and still no solution!!!

I suggest you buy a GeFORCE 2 OR 3…It will cost you some cash ( between $99-$300) but it will solve all your proboloms for any game out there. Makes graphics very smooth and nice to.

I have the GeForce 2 MX 400 card and I still have the same problem as the person who posted this question.

I had a similar problem with MOHAA. I am not sure if this is similar, however, I went into the dir for C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\MOHAA and removed 3dfxgl.dll and in its place I dropped in opengl32.dll. You can find a copy of this in C:\Windows\system32 or C:\Winnt\system32. (or just Control F to find it) This solved my problem. b/c MOHAA was trying to enable 3dfx(which I dont have) and would fail. HOpe this is useful


i tried that but i dont have the opengl32.dll,which is probably the driver right?

kjdwolf, you are a genius. It worked perfectly. I can’t tell you how long I have been searching for a fix. My hats off to you!!! Everyone, it worked, pay attention to kjdwolf’s post.

I did exactly what it told me to do above, and mine still keeps saying could not load OpenGL subsystem. Any other suggestions?

I had exactly the same problem until I found this link in another post:

I followed the instructions and the problem was solved! Hope this helps!

doesnt work for me cause i dont have the “DVA=0” thingie.

i have the same problem but there is no
dva = 0 in the win.ini file

any ideas

same here no dva

also no dva
i have windowsXP proffessional

Download the latest nvidia detonator drivers.It worked for me and stopped the openGl problem. I’m now downloading the EA patch to try to stop it connecting to the Internet and freezing the game. I’ll get to play it eventually

i have an SIS 3dcard
works mohaa then?

i just loaded latest nvidia drivers from a disk # in the driver file is 4 13-01-2183 is this the latest?or do i need to download from nvidia

Originally posted by stroomaarten:
i have an SIS 3dcard
works mohaa then?

I am also on XP and nothing works. Someone has to know the answer, pleeease oh pleeease. I heard this game is amazing.

Hey buddies , I have a NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 Mode 64 … MOHHA will work on this device … or , this device will run this game or I have to buy a better board ??? I tried to run MOHHA but the same bug appears … My OS is XP Pro … If I download the latest NVIDIA Drive it will work . In the NVIDIA home page don’t have the drivers for TNT series only for the DETONATOR series … If download and install this drive in TNT2 may it work ??? ( I’m asking this question because my machine is in my home and don’t have modem and I’m using the computer of my work , if someone knows if work I will download the file and then transfer this to floppy disks and finaly to my comp.)

I’m no expert so I’m probably talking out of place here, but I would suggest that detonator drivers are for use with TNT cards. TNT is a chemical used in explosives, and detonators are used to set off explosions. I’m guessing that English is not your first language, so you missed this subtle play on words?