Ok, easyer one

Since nobody really wants to help me with my prev post… (so far so bad )

Could somebody tell me of a good OpenGL supportive card that sells for say $40 or less? Otherwise, I’m stuck getting a voodoo 3 - 3k, and those have compadibility problems with OpenGL such as depth buffer problems and problems with bitmaps.

depth buffer problems and problems with bitmaps <- i don’t really understand what problems u mean, could u elaborate?

I’ve had a V3 3000 for more than a year now, and it’s worked fine for me. There are driver problems, but they are fixable. and its cheap, like u said.

But, if u want less of those “depth buffer problems and problems with bitmaps”, get a V4 4500 or even a V5 5500, V4’s go for around $50-70 on ebay, and on pricewatch they’re more toward the $70-80 mark, but still cheap. V5’s are of course still close to the $100 mark.