Oh,My God!

I want to use overlay function on QT, since the common graphic card not support it, I buy a new professional card: ELSA Synergy 4 380XGL. It doesn’t work still.
I mailed to QT support, they told me that XFree86 not support OpenGL overlay perhaps and suggested me to look for a commercial edition!
Is anyone know the simply and easy way, PLEASE tell me!

This is a quatro card right?

install the NVidia drivers and look at the docs: /usr/share/doc/NVIDIA_GLX-1.0

This is what I get from greping in this directory:

grep overlay:

NVIDIA_Changelog: * Added support for TwinView plus overlays.
NVIDIA_Changelog: * Fixed some problems with moving overlay windows.
NVIDIA_Changelog: * RGB Workstation overlays for Quadro4. These are double buffered,
NVIDIA_Changelog: bandwidth to display the YUV video overlay correctly. This works
README: Enables RGB workstation overlay visuals. This is only
README: report single and double buffered, Z-buffered 16 bit overlay
README: is no gamma correction support in the overlay plane. This
README: supported in TwinView mode. The overlay can only be usedREADME:Q: Do video overlays work across both display devices?
README:A: Hardware video overlays only work on the first display device.
README: o The video overlay only works on the first display device on which
README: run a video application that uses the video overlay (uses the
README: to use the video overlay before starting X.
README:while use of a video overlay does not limit the maximum resolution or
README:effect the overlay quality.

Hi !

If I remeber correct it’s not enabled by default, I think you have to enable it either in the Xfree config file or setting an environment variable.


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