oglsl and geforce3 ti...

The geforce3 ti should have supported the oglsl?
Like this case, the possibility of knowing how it is?

check out www.delphi3d.net

this awesome site lets you see which cards support what!

heres the list of cards that support glsl 1.00:

i saw a geforce3 there. make sure your drivers are current:


I saw the list, and Geforce 3 and 4 are clearly listed, but HOW? How should a Geforce 3 be able to run glSlang code? I mean, how many restrictions must there be?
Anyone there, using glSlang on a Geforce 3/4 ?


Jan, i must admit i thought the same thing! but then again, i havnt really fooled with glsl yet, so i dont know what to expect … still waiting for it to mature a bit.

Thats strange. I have a 2nd system (1Ghz with a GF3) which I use for low-end compliance testing. I never thought on using glslang on it, but after reading this post I tried.

The system uses the latest official forceware drivers version 61.77 and while it is true that ARB_shading_language_100 is exposed by the driver, ARB_fragment_shader isnt.

So you can use glslang only for vertex processing (this is probably just emulated in software), but not for fragment processing on a GF3/4.

To really start with glslang you need at least a Geforce FX 5200 or Radeon 9600(SE).

yup, youve got the vertex shader:

but not the fragment shader:

thanks for that, lgrosshennig.