Ogl2.1 to 3.3 query

anyone can tell me what should i do? can i update my driver which has ogl2.1 to 3.3? i got only ge force 9400 gt… and it says it only support ogl 2.1… is there a way i can fix it to do 3.3 without replacing my hardware? some sort of upgrading software drivers…?

OpenGL is not software.

What GL version you get is dependent on your hardware, and if your hardware only supports 2.1 then 2.1 is all you’ll get. You need to upgrade your hardware.

unex16h, while you look into updating your GPU to something a bit more recent, you can work with OpenGL 3.3 (even up through OpenGL 4.2) using the Mesa3D OpenGL implementation. It supports a software-only rendering mode where it doesn’t require GPU OpenGL acceleration support. Though it may be slow, it’ll let you work start rendering with OpenGL 3.3 today.

OSX supports GL3.3 on that Geforce 9400.

NV G80 is OpenGL 3.3 capable hardware, hence, 9400 GT should also be. Try to download and install appropriate driver (something from the late 2010. or early 2011.).

Good catch, guys! Wow, it’s pretty strange that nVidia’s web site says OpenGL 2.1:

but driver dumps from nVidia’s own GPU drivers:

say otherwise.

unex16th, search for “GL_VERSION” on the second link. That’ll show you some driver versions that folks have confirmed support GL3.x+ on your GPU. Just look for a version at or later than one of those.

Nvidia’s website seems to display the supported OpenGL version at launch. Like Dark Photon posted, http://feedback.wildfiregames.com/report/opengl/ is a great resource to know what OpenGL versions and extensions are supported in the latest drivers (last update was of August 2015, but that’s still the most recent info dump we have). The wikipedia pages for each vendor (AMD, Nvidia, Intel) also seem to be up to date too, and more readable.

Yes, apparently that GPU is DX10 capable, so it should be easily able to support GL 3.3 - it would be odd of NVIDIA not to.

A word of caution. Substitute “may be” with “will be” and substitute “slow” with “excruciatingly slow”. A software implementation is fine for accessing functionality, but does come with the assumption that functionality is all that is wanted, whereas in the real world people actually do want performance too. The OP should be aware of the caveats when making such a decision.

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