OGL on embedded Linux vs. DirectX on Windows XP Embedded

HI All, (Newbie here)

I researching a project and the options are either:

  • Embedded XP with DirectX support


  • Embedded Linux with OGL.

I’d prefer Embedded Linux with OGL but not familiar with OGL at all. Will this work? Are there any open projects working on something like this?

I have to work with Pixel shaders, does OGL have similar HW support for Pixel Shaders as does DX9?

Does the Latest OGL have similar HW support as does DX9 for majority of Graphics HW features?

Thanks in advance.

Yes OpenGL supports vertex and fragment shaders. OpenGL also supports other advanced features on Linux, but this is dependent on the drivers. Good drivers are available for some cards.

For an embedded solution you may hear OpenGL|ES mentioned, this would not support the advanced features you need at this time and it is early days for implementations anyway. You should stick with full blown proven OpenGL drivers from a vendor that provides quality Linux drivers like NVIDIA.