OGL + MSVC problem (semi OT)

I have a frustrating problem. Take a look at this pictures.

The first is run from inside MSVC++ in release mode with the command RUN. And the secong is run from inside MSVC++ with the command GO (debug). All optimizations are off right now. And the problem you can see only occurs in release + Run !

Has anyone had similar problems, and solved them.

All is rendered on a GeForce 2MX, with vertex arrays, and the landscape with multitexturing (GL_TEXTURE_COORD_ARRAY)… the car is rendered in the same manner without multitexturing.

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My guess is that you didn’t initialize some variable (probably having to do with texture coordinates). In a debug build, the allocators and deallocators clear memory to some bitpatter (possibly 0); in release, they do not.

thanks, I was thinking that it could have something to do with release linking and OPENGL. But as you say It was a programming error.

Not an initialization error, but an logical error in a for loop that I made.

So now I learned not to blame OGL for my stupid mistakes.

Ya know, nothing with your code here for my idea. But on large projects, after constant building I’ve seen MSVC++ just lose sight of what is going on

After a nice clean and rebuild all everything worked. If you haven’t tried that yet, I would.