OGL in unix/linux

Hail to u all!
Can anyone tell me where can i get some info on how to initialize the Opengl in unix &/or linux, i’m using SuSE Linux 7.1 but without the X component. I’m coding a program to run everytime someone logs in, but Im tired of using “Dialog” and whanted to put some graphics in it, so i thought that maybe I could do what i do in Win with OGL in unix linux.
Well thx 4 the time.

Normally you can’t use OpenGL without an x server, but I think MESA has a non-x implementation of opengl.

I’m not sure what you want to do, opengl is all about 3d graphics (mainly), what do you want to draw instead of a dialog?


ok, i just posted this on another thread in this forum yesterday, but here it is:

to use GL without x windows, you need directFB get it at: http://www.directfb.org

it is NOT hardware accelerated, and thus very, very slow, unless you are only drawing a couple of polygons. why do you want to draw this outside of x windows? (other than the usual “x windows sucks” line)

actually, it sounds to me like you are using x windows. what do you mean by “dialog” are you talking about cout or printf, or are you talking about dialog windows poping up? if you are talking about dialog windows, you are using x windows…

Well, the sys does NOT have x instaled, im working on a shell & im making a shell manager that allows certain users to access my account in a safe mode, im coding it in shell script, but i whanted to put some fancy stuff, well like a startup screen in graphics mode, something like a bitmap (only need 1 quad=1 poly so no need 4 hardware accel) i just wanna learn new stuff & I use OGL 4 win & whanted to know how to do it in a shell. Later ill do it in a x env.
thx 4 the help dude

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