OGL Fullscreen

I know this would be an old topic but…
Normally, I use ChangeDisplaySettings and rescale window to “simulate” OGL full screen in Windows… is there any way to get REAL ogl fullscreen and bypass all the GDI window painting mechanism? Is that making OGL slower than should it be?

ps: In win3.11/nt4 there is a hidden function called-something-like GDIDeath that some demosceners used in the past to “disable” the gdi system…

thx all.

My OpenGL framework supports fullscreen mode and it works just fine. The OpenGL setup code was based off of NeHe’s code so check that out and see if it helps any.


You don’t need to paint within WM_PAINT. You can paint whenever you want (as long as the context is current). Caling wglSwapBuffers() does not involve GDI.

btw, do you know the difference between ::SwapBuffers() and wglSwapBuffers()???