Offscreen w/ hardware - when?

I’ve read a lot of older posts on this and was just wondering what the current state was. I would really like to have hardware acceleration when rendering offscreen in Windows(ie. to a DIB), but it appears my Geforce drivers don’t support this. Specifically, I am using OpenGL in an Analysis by Synthesis loop where I first render an object and then extract image templates for computer vision tracking. Two questions: do any other cards support this operationright now? When will Nvidia support this? I saw some posts from last summer saying “soon”.


Yes soon. I noticed in release 10 of NVIDIA’s OpenGL driver, p-buffers will be supported on TNT cards and up. Don’t know if that means accelerated or not though. And I have no idea when or if release 10 will be released. And I doubt NVIDIA would say more than soon.