Offscreen rendering into a Pixmap

I need to do some offscreen rendering into a pixmap - I need this pixmap’s rendering context to share display lists with my onscreen rendering contexts.

I am using gtkglarea-- for my onscreen and was going to use Gdk_GL::Context and Gdk_GL::Pixmap for my offscreen - I don’t see how to share display lists across these types.

I know this is a pretty specific problem, but any help would be appreciated.


I read somewhere that this feature is (was?) broken in Mesa. You should only have to give the other context in the call to glXCreateContext.


Thanks for the response - which feature are you referring to? I figured out how to share the lists across those types (I’m not making any calls directly to glx - that’s why I couldn’t figure it out), but my application is hanging on a call to glIsList() !! Any ideas? I’m sharing DLs all over the place, but never between an onscreen and offscreen context (until now).


The “feature” I was refering to is sharing between OpenGL contexts. I think it was this message that I remembered…

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