Official Drivers...

Someone had to ask, so it may as well be me,

Just wondering if anyone knows if the new official NVidia drivers offer any new functionality (extentions etc) or just fixes.

I’m after NV_VERTEX_PROGRAM et al especially…

I don’t know about anyone else but I’m starting to get a little anxious.

They provide some better screen modes for MX TwinView cards.

Apart from that, I’m not too sure, they do provide another extension “GL_Autodesk_valid_back_buffer_hint” not sure what it does, but I’m sure it’s only used for Autodesk stuff.


No, there is no support for GL_NV_vertex_program in the latest official Detonator 6.50…

You must wait for Detonator 7.xx to come out (or use the leaked ones if you are using Win9x).

Now of course, everybody would like to know when those 7.xx will be released… Most people seem to think it won’t be before NV20 is launched (because only NV20 will use hardware for vertex programs !)…

Only nVidia knows about the release date but nVidia people who are on this board are not allowed to tell us (actually, perhaps they do not even know !).

Wait and see…

Now, for the direct question to nVPeople, is there ANY way to know when this extension will be available ??? I mean is there a specific person we could contact at nVidia that could tell us if the release will be:

  1. Tomorrow
  2. Next Week
  3. Next Month
  4. Next Year
  5. Ask the audience
  6. Fifty/Fifty
  7. Phone a friend
  8. You have sustained a lethal injury. Sorry but you are finished here (Operation Wolf)
  9. Game Over



I have absolutely no idea what the release date is. Honest!

  • Matt

Matt, I believe you, I hope you know that !

But actually, the thing I would like to know is: is there a chance to see this extension implemented (publicly !) before NV20 is launched or not ?

You see, if the answer is “No”, then I understand why we cannot have the release date for the extension !

Moreover, if the answer is “No”, I will wait for NV20 (and its HW vertex shaders !) rather than upgrading my GeForceDDR to a Geforce2 GTS Ultra !



I’m thinking about putting a vertex program example up on my website very soon!

I have working code now!

  • Nutty

Nutty, this could be quite interesting !

But we need the drivers in order to run your program…

I am using Windows NT 4.0 and you cannot find a leaked Detonator 7.xx for this OS…

Actually, the point here is to ask for the OFFICIAL release of the extension !

Anyway, I would be interested in having a look at your program !

Best regards.


I have a copy of 7.17 which works with the current code I have. I’ll post that up too.

They are for win 2k only tho. I’ll have a look for 9x and Nt ones.

My website is If you wanna see.

I have 2 OpenGL exmaple programs soo far.

  • Nutty

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Nutty, I’ll have a look as soon as I can !

Just checked the records in my e-mails: first time I contacted nVidia regarding the availability of this extension was around the 1st of October 2000…

Hope it won’t be another four months before the 7.xx are released !

Best regards.


Just to let some peeps know.

I just uploaded the NV_VERTEX_PROGRAM example.

Remember I do not accept responsibility for anything downloaded from my website!

Works fine on my win2k with Geforce 256 though!


  • Nutty

Nutty, I have just been on your site and I downloaded the program. I will now wait for the driver to appear !

Just a question: how fast is your program ?



Currently it draws just 4 torus’. And it’s doing about 85fps in a 640x480 window in 32bit, on a PIII 800 with Geforce 256, under win2k.

I’m gonna put in different things where I know the exact number of vertices, to do some timings.

Please no-body flame me and tell me it’s running in software, cos I already know that. I suppose it’s not much different in performance to a non T&L OpenGL pipeline?

  • Nutty

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