Offer source code: basic functionality incl. console, for OGL apps in Win32!

I have written a “base system” for an OpenGL/Win32 application in C/C++. It’s object-oriented, easily expandable and should be helpful for beginners because I’ve tried to explain everything important in the code comments. It does several important basic tasks for you and contains a console for basic command-line interactivity (i.e. for easy testing).
The code is executable immediately, and you may simply start experimenting with rendering by manipulating the rendering function!
If you’re interested, take a look at it: you can download the code including a short documentation at
(in section “programming”)

I’m currently using this code in one of my own OpenGL projects.

For comments or suggestions, you may answer me here or write a mail (my address is on the site)

It seems that your link is dead

Hey Tytrix,
it looks great. When I have some time
I’ll expand it a little so it will be able to use paintlib and such. And perhaps an actual parser that parses opengl commands :stuck_out_tongue:

Just a thought.

The link should work, I have tested it. Maybe it doesn’t work in all cases because it’s broken in 2 lines, so here it is again:

What exactly is paintlib?
I’ll think about the thing with OGL commands.

It works fine now. Great job btw, this is really usefull.


Here are some suggestions to make it even better.

  1. Don’t display the mouse cursor in the console window, ShowCursor(false).

2)Entering 1 or more blanks causes the program to crash, it should just return “unkown command”.

3)Reset the monitor frequency and resolution to what it was before running your program.

4)Make it do something simple like rotate a cube for illustration purposes and add a tilde (~) function to enter/exit the console mode like Quake.

Thanks for the suggestions:

  1. You’re right
  2. Hey, I never tried that out…
  3. I do reset the original monitor settings by calling the respective Win32-function (I think it’s SetDisplaySettings) with NULL argument, this should reset the settings according to the API documentation (and it works on my system). If it doesn’t work: strange…
  4. console mode is (de)activated with TAB. I decided to do no real demo rendering because then you have to throw out that demo code first if you want to put in your own stuff. But okay, it would be nice for beginners to have some action there to manipulate.