Off-screen rendring with GL and GLU?

I have a project at the moment and want to perform off-screen rendering. I can only use GL, GLU and enventually GLUT. The code must be as much as possible platform independent.

I tried to use the accum buffers but I only manage to get a black image. It seems the pipe-line doesn’t render. Any idea how to initialize the GL context properly in order to do off-screen rendering?

I’m afraid that accum buffer is not available on many cards. If you can, use glCopyTexSubImage from backbuffer instead, it does not require any specific extensions, nor WGL/GLX unportable stuff. You can find a tutorial on Nehe site :

Else try pbuffers, but it does require different coding on unix and windows.

From what I read around on this forum the pBuffer seems to be Windows oriented. That’s not exactly the platform I target, I must run on a XEON cluster or SX (Super Vector computer) in back-end, so no X windows Only telnet and other batch queuing commands.

I will try to find a way to connect to the nehe website. My proxy refuses to access it!