# of display lists


I was wondering if there is any limit to the number of display lists you can have. Of course you can’t have billions but does anyone have a clue if I maybe could have 10,000 or something like that? I’ve looked in the red book but can’t find anything about it. Maybe the memory sets the limit?


From the Redbook, page 266:

GLuint glGenLists(GLsizei range);

“Zero is returned if the requested number of indices isn’t available, or if range is zero.”

They also mention nesting on page 270:

"…the limit is 64, but it might be higher, depending on the implementation. To determine the nesting limit for your implementation of OpenGL, call
glGetIntegerv(GL_MAX_LIST_NESTING, GLint *data);

There appears to be no identifier for querying the maximum number of sequential display lists, but you could tinker with glGenLists until it returns zero, and see if that value suffices.


GLuint glGenLists(GLsizei range); indicates the maximum number of simultaneously defined display lists is 2^32-1 (because 0 doesn’t count).
Now, if you ever reach this limit is system(memory!) dependent.

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