What are the differences between OES/EXT/ARB_framebuffer_object extensions. Can all of these extensions be used with OpenGLES 1.1 or OpenGLES2.0 applications? Or are there any guidlines w.r.t what extension to be used with which version of GLESx.x?

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. The names have more to do with which organization originally proposed the extension than which API supports it. Supported extensions vary not only from API to API, but also between different driver implementations and chip vendors for the same API. The only way to really know which extensions your app can reliably use is to query the list at run-time with:


Regards, Clay

Thank you very much for the reply.

Can i have a common API sequence in the application irrespective of the extension supported by the client API?

Is their any behaviour difference between these extensions?

If you use extensions, your app must query to check that each extension you use is available. If you need one that is not available, then your app has to work around without using the extension.

Extensions are supposed to behave consistently across driver implementations and I think most do. But, there are some that do not, particularly the EGL Image extensions.

Regards, Clay

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