Odd? SwapBuffers (WGL) goes from 60 to 120 fps after exiting OpenXR at 60hz

Up front: I think maybe this happens because I create a D3D11 device on the same adapter as the OpenGL device. But too, none of it makes any sense because nothing I have runs at 120hz.

Does anyone know what could be happening in my case? My setup is I have a normal window, not fullscreen, and when I put into WMR mode (OpenXR) everything is fine… but when I take it out of WMR mode, the WGL (OpenGL) context now runs at 120hz when SwapBuffers is called. EDITED: It probably runs at 120hz after entering WMR but it doesn’t draw to the window at the same time. (And no, SwapBuffers isn’t used in WMR.)

wglSwapInterval is set to 1 on every call to SwapBuffers. I assume it’s just something hopeless that will require tearing down the context or something every time. But I thought someone might know something about it.