Oclusion culling, Z-prerendering?

Added Frustum culling to my game recently, next step is oclussion culling, because when I’m looking diagonaly through (house) I have a lot of redrawal & FPS drops a lot. The problem is that I havn’t found good tutorials yet, GameTutorials have only frustum+octree tutorial. I’ve heard & I could imagine how early Z-test could be used, but is that the only way + there was somthing HW dependant in this method (I heard).

Have you read about quadtrees or BSP trees or portals?

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The way you do your occlusion culling depends greatly on your scene. Portals are great for inside areas and canyons, for heightmaps and cityscapes you can use occlusion horizons. For static stuff you can also use potential visibility sets. Hardware occlusion culling works for all geometry, if it’s supported. I have no idea how fast it is, though.

Does anyboudy know, whether hardware occlusion query generates a pipeline stall?