oclParticles example fails building bitonic sort program

Hello, I am attempting to run the oclParticles example (found here: file:///C:/ProgramData/NVIDIA%20Corporation/NVIDIA%20GPU%20Computing%20SDK%203.2/OpenCL/src/oclParticles/) provided in the NVIDIA SDK. The project compiles successfully in VS2008, but when I run the program I get the following error:


...loading BitonicSort_b.cl
...creating bitonic sort program
...building bitonic sort program

 !!! Error # -42 at file c:\programdata
vidia corporation
vidia gpu computing sdk 3.2\opencl\src\oclparticles\src\oclbitonicsort_launcher.cpp, line 49


Build Log:

: Considering profile 'compute_20' for gpu='sm_20' in 'cuModuleLoadDataEx_4'

Writing ptx to separate file: oclBitonicSort.ptx ...

 !!! Error # -42 (CL_INVALID_BINARY) at line 52 , in file c:\programdata
vidia corporation
vidia gpu computing sdk 3.2\opencl\src\oclparticles\src\oclbitonicsort_launcher.cpp !!!


so when I go to line 49, in the file oclBitonicSort_launcher.cpp this is the line I see that is giving me an error.

ciErrNum = clBuildProgram(cpBitonicSort, 0, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL);

Error -42 corresponds to CL_INVALID_BINARY. I’m at a loss since I can see that cpBitonicSort_launcher Object file in the Release folder for the project. Anyway, I’m going to continue searching for a solution but if anyone has any insight into my problem I would very much appreciate it. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Still stuck here… :frowning: I just wanted to mention that I haven’t had any trouble building the other examples in the SDK.

Can you not edit posts here (edit: hmmm, I can edit this post but not my previous ones)? Anyway, it seems as if the clBuildProgram call can’t find cpBitonicSort even though the previous calls to oclLoadProgSource & clCreateProgramWithSource are successful.

Yup, still wondering about this. I have no problem building oclParticles on my work computer but on my home PC it fails. Both machines are running Win7 64-bit and VS2008. My work computer has a GT8800 and my home PC has a GTX 570. The other SDK examples work fine. Anyone else encounter a similar problem?


I didn’t realize there were new drivers out for my card. Doh!
Upgraded to 270.61 and everything is running.