obtaining developer package for platform independent programming

I’m interested to develop with OpenGL in a platform independent way. Is it even possible?

I am a familiar MSVC Windows programmer, where a windows-specific package is installed with the Platform SDK. All the files have some *32 naming association so using those headers or linkages are a platform limiting situation.

And though there are 1000’s of great articles and tutorials for OpenGL there doesn’t seem to be any clear and consise info about platform independence.

Under a cygwin installation there is some default support that falls under the mingw/win32/GL area which seems to be platform independent as long as it is run under Windows(like you can run in under a linux-type environment as well as Windows but it has to be under cygwin and the obvious thing being that it’s still all under Windows).

Can anybody offer some clarity here?

Also, similarly related… is there any specific info as to the relations of gl, glu, glut, glux, glaux, glext, etc. I guess from a beginner’s perspective it is unclear exactly where OpenGL ends and other support begins… -and keeping in mind the interest is toward platform independence.

So, these are the issues all related to platform independence thinking:
[ul][]development package?[]does an SDK exist?[*]info about the most common support libraries.[/ul]

Hi !

OpenGL itself is platform independant so there is no problem, what you want I guess is a platform indepenandent way to create a window and handle mouse input and so on.

There are lots of ways to do this depending on what kind of GUI features you want and what kind of application you want to create.

Have a google for GLUT (GLUI, GLOW), Fltk, FOX, GTK, Qt just to name a few.