Objects bones uvs from 3DMax


If that info is pretty much all i want from 3dstudio scenes what is the easies way to go?

  1. Offcourse i want the objects
  2. Bone location and what veritces its linked to
  3. and the uvs ofcourse.

And please dont say “You need to create your own plugin (exporter)” cause it seems damn hard.

when you load 3DS file, it will tell you the bone location, give you objects but it wont tell you which bone affects which vertex … For example when you create an object with skeleton and animate it, export it to 3DS, then import this 3DS file to 3Dmax, and you will see that the Body is not attached to the skeleton … This is how it will look when you load it in OpenGL … I wonder how .max file format is formed …

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The .max file format contains blobs of information, in formats specific to each plug-in and modifier you’re using in Max. You have no chance of decoding a generic Max file without having access to all the Max plug-ins and modifiers source code.

All engine developers who need bone position & orientation, vertex geometry and assignment, and UV data (plus animation of the bones, plus materials!) write their own exporter. It’s a matter of a two- to three day task to get that done and debugged. Most middle-ware packages come with their own exporters for Max and other popular tools, too.

If you want a quick start, I’d suggest looking into some of the samples that come with the Max SDK, such as the .ASE file format exporter (there’s a thread on that on this board, fairly recent), or you can look at the “x” file exporter source from the DirectX 9 SDK tools.

Originally posted by Dies_Irae:
And please dont say “You need to create your own plugin (exporter)” cause it seems damn hard.

Create your own plugin, it’s very easy. Just look at the example 3ds exporter given in the max sdk…it’ll take you 30 minutes to know exactly how to write your own. When you’ve done that, you will no longer scratch your head about how to get certain information out of max - and that’s worth its weight in gold.