Object disappears...

When I translate an object into the screen along the z-axis, it just disappears. In theory I would think that it would just get smaller. I’ve also find that the distance from the camera must always be 1 unit (1.0f) for the object to be seen. Please tell me how I can move an object along the z-axis without it disappearing.

Push your far clipping plane further away, and your objects won’t be clipped away anymore.

The object will only get smaller if you have set your view to perspective, in ortho mode the object size does not change with distance.

OpenGL will only draw object in a set area, and objects out of the far/near (z/-z) clip plane will not be drawn. Adjust your near/far setting to set how far away from the camera to draw objects.

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You are translating in the -Z right. Positive Z would put the object behind the camera.