OBJ(wavefront) and .JSON Converter Release [Open Source]

Hello I’ve been quite interested in WebGL for quite some time now and I was getting annoyed of the lack of plugin support or older script comparability new 3D Applications are doing these days, so I went ahead and wrote a program that converts OBJ(wavefront) 3D model format to the JSON format and can do the other way around. I wanted to write something you don’t need to write or have your artists/programmers spending more time writing plugins just to get a model going on the screen.


  • Drag and drop support on executable.
  • Easy to use program.
  • Converts OBJ to JSON
  • Converts (converted)JSON to OBJ

Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Win7
Mac OS X 10 (Not Available Unless Requested)

Download Program for Windows (.zip)

Download Source Code [Visual Studio 2008 C++] (.zip)

Please post comments, suggestions, questions and what have you here or to my email. :wink:

Download Source Code [Visual Studio 2008 C++] (.zip)

That is the correct link to the source code, it appears I cannot edit at the moment. =/

2.0 Has Been Released Including Source Code:

Changes I’ve Made

Program and source now uses GNU License

Program Changes
By default program is in silent mode if path argument is found.
Triangles Allowed Only
Better Error Handling Support
Fixed Start Up Crash on Some PCs.
New Help Output (Will Include License Information)
Included new command line arguments.[/ul]

-debug = Prints out important variable’s values.
-verbose = Allows print on console.
-overwrite = Allows overwritting of files.
-help = Displays helpful information such as commands and license information.

Source Code Changes
[ul]Added Model Class (Keeps Model Data)
Added JSON Class (Load/Saves JSON files)
Added OBJ Class (Loads/Saves OBJ files)
Added BAF namespace (Brute Array Functions)
Added ErrorHandler Class
Changed: OBJtoJSON.cpp to main.cpp (Seemed More Appropriated)
Cleaned OBJ Loader sscanf spamming for faster parsing.
Removed deinitalizers on classes not for inheritance.
Error Handling is now being used on all file functions to detect file reading/writing [/ul]

DOWNLOAD: Windows Executable (.zip)

DOWNLOAD: Source Code [VS2008 C++] [.zip]


I am trying to convert my json file into obj .
The json file contains vertices normals and colors of the molecule.
but the converter fails to do anything.

i downloaded the last executable link from this forum.

DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/?0oynrpi11opvkm7