nvOpenGLspecs.pdf available ... shortly

The updated 500+ page document including all the new extensions supported in the release 10 drivers should be on the NVIDIA web page shortly.

Some of the cool new extensions are:

ARB_multisample -
NV_evaluators - for the GeForce3 higher order surface engine
NV_packed_depth_stencil - to read Z24S8 directly
NV_register_combiners2 - per-stage constants for register combiners
NV_texture_rectangle - non-power-of-two textures (no mipmapping or repeat)
NV_texture_shader - dependent texturing engine
NV_vertex_program - programmable T&L
SGIS_generate_mipmap - hardware accelerated mipmap generation for dynamic (glCopyTexSubImage) textures!
SGIX_shadow/SGIX_depth_texture - hardware shadow mapping support
WGL_ARB_pbuffer - pbuffers!

Lots of really great features in these new drivers – and many of the new features are supported by your GeForce256 and GeForce2 hardware!

glCopyTexSubImage2D is really fast now – you can thank Matt Craighead (mcraighead) for that!

Will post the link to the doc shortly…

Thanks -

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yawn how soon is “shortly”? i’d like to take a look at the doc before i go to bed, and it’s 4:40 AM here…

It’s on the web now at http://www.nvidia.com/Developer

It’s at the top of the page… Enjoy!


Uuummm, I don’t see it there. Any ideas?

– Zeno

Try “refresh” – if you don’t see a
3/2/2001 entry under “recent updates” on the main page, then you have a stale copy.

Heh, I thought of that already. I SWEAR it’s not there. I just used lynx (which I rarely use so it couldn’t be in cache) and the most recent thing on the site is 3/1.


it’s not there for me, either.

could you please give us a direct link to the file?

ERG… it’s on web site from internal to NVIDIA, but for some reason Notes is behaving badly for showing it externally.

Maybe it’ll update soon. I notice when I
look at “programming resources” and select “opengl only” that the extensions doc shows the correct update date (3/2/2001), but when you click on the link it’s the one from November.

I guess give it some time to get sync’d up?


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It’s there, try pressing ctrl+F5

Interesting note:

I can see all the updated pages with internet explorer, but not netscape or lynx!

It’s there, try pressing ctrl+F5 instead of refresh

i can see them in Mozilla… but… the updated file is still not available for download.

downloading it right now… finally… =)

I thought 3d textures were in hardware for the 2x products.

looks pretty nice, with all the links on the left… great for fast searches, thanks… and thanks to matt to optimice copysubimage… this one i like to use… cameras like in duke nukem 3d where you have screens where you can see the whole building cams… (dont remember the word, sorry ) (security cams?!)

Erm, 533 pages…

Cass, are you planning to sell the “nVidia OpenGL Extensions” book through your web, say for $30 print + ship ???

(I am actually angry at our printer which cannot print on both sides of the paper…).



you know, a version of the Red Book with all NVIDIA extensions included would be pretty nice… hint hint, we want this

Originally posted by Siigron:
you know, a version of the Red Book with all NVIDIA extensions included would be pretty nice… hint hint, we want this

Yep, fully agree !

nVidia could get involved in e-commerce !



Why include NVIDIA extensions only? Add 'em all

Anyways, I would really like to see a book with the extension documents. I prefer paper over a virtual documtent you have to read on the screen.

What has happened with EXT_Texture3D that appears to be supported on nv2x (GeForce3) in software? and NV_texture_compresion_vtc that is not supported in any of the families?
I have a previous version in wich they appear to work on nv2x…