nvoglnt.dll errors with gf3

Whenever i try play any open gl based games such as jedi knight and Half life the game freezes Ive viewed the technical data and the file causing the error is nvoglnt.dll

Ive read some other topics on this forum about the problem and ive tried the solutions but non have worked for me.

Any ideas?

Sorry if im repeating a question thats been asked 10000 times


Hi there, for 3 months my openGL was screwed, i couldn’t find out what was wrong with it, games played for 10 - 30 seconds then crashed. tried all the usual chipset drivers, video card drivers, posted messages on the openGL website forums but no avail.

By accident i ran an antivirus program and found my HD had been infected with a Win32.pinfi virus, (also known as Parate32). This attacks all exes, especially openGL .exe’s, causing openGL programs to fail, I set the antivirus software to repair and whaddya know i could play quake 3 again. Give it a try its worth a shot.

Regards the Dog