NVidia's OpenGL SDK? (JanHH?)

Jan, you mentioned that there’s an OpenGL SDK on NVidia’s site. I can’t seem to find it, would you happen to have a link for that?
Thank you,

there is no single zip specifically for the opengl sdk rather than links for several opengl demos(correct me if i am wrong).
this is link: http://developer.nvidia.com/page/opengl.html

The NVidia SDK is one big archive > 120 MB containing all OpenGL and all DirectX effects. The good thing is that there is an Effect Browser included.

The link is http://developer.nvidia.com/object/LO_20030224_3527.html

Enter as search “NVSDK” at developer.nvidia.com and you will find it.

yes in fact i meant the nv effects browser + according demos.