Hello all,

After scouring the Interwebs for the last 3+ hours I have still found zero official information on the inclusion of TXAA and MFAA from NVIDIA in OpenGL. Does anyone have any information they could provide me on these topics? Is there any official documentation? What is the status of these implementations?

I have found plenty of general information on the two topics, but I am specifically trying to implement one or both of these techniques in some C++/OpenGL code on Linux machines. Any information specific to this would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance.

Multi-frame antialiasing is nothing more than changing the sample pattern used for antialiasing at regular intervals (usually between frames). NVIDIA has an extension to allow you to manually do this, but it is otherwise handled by the drivers.

Thank you for the information on the MFAA method. I am glad to learn that this extension exists to create our own MFAA technique. I was hoping that we could just implement NVIDIA’s version directly without having to add any new code. I’m sure we could easily code something in, but I figured NIVIDIA had some little tricks up their sleeves to make theirs more efficient than our initial attempts would be.

Do you have any information about TXAA implementation? I have contacted NVIDIA directly, but haven’t heard back from them about anything yet.

Thanks again for your input!