NVIDIA show example vkCmdProcessCommandsNVX. But in VK spec 1.0.33 not found this !

How i understood NVIDIA create owner function vkCmdProcessCommandsNVX in driver.

I read Vulkan spec. 1.0.33 and not see function vkCmdProcessCommandsNVX.
Its mean AMD do something like NVIDIA ? Like vkCmdProcessCommandsAMDX.
Or Khronos impalement this function in official Vulkan API for All videocards ? Or something like this NVIDIA function.

PS: NVIDIA sample very cool ! Generated CmdBuffer on GPU !

Read the linked document properly:

At the time of the release of this sample the official extension spec integration, was not ready yet, but should be public soon.

Expect Friday or Sat. They may not have a specification text ready though and could only provide stuff that makes it appear in vulkan.h. We shall see.

NV means it is extension proposed by NVIDIA. I assume NVX means NVIDIA eXperimental. In fact the extension is week old. Your questions are bit premature.

The extension process is really not different from OpenGL.

  1. Unless there are some IP claims and if AMD’s HW can execute such extension, then they are free to support it.
  2. If their HW can’t do it in current state, they can make their own similar version with _AMD suffix. (AFAIK AMDX suffix is not registered – yet).
  3. If they decide to cooperate on it some modified version can appear under _EXT suffix.
  4. If it is incredibly awesome extension it may be considered for core Vulkan (which may be preceded by making it KHR suffix extension)

4.5) if the functionality doesn’t fit in core vulkan (like if it adds interrop with platform specific stuff that some platforms may not ever be able to do, like how to put image to the screen) then it will be made a KHR suffix extension.

FYI It appeared in the Vulkan specification today.