NVidia SDK

Has anyone gotten the thing to compile?

Any patches/steps?


I successfully compiled libnvparse, but didn’t try very hard on other demos. It seems that sme half-hearted linux effort has gone into some of the codes. libnvparse was quite close to being completely ‘linux ready’, but not 100%
nVidia recently released a new SDK, perhaps the linux side of it is brushed up. I didn’t try it yet

The recently released SDK has significant improvements in Linux compatibility. All the libraries, tools, and demos should compile with no problems.

You can also access the SDK using CVS and download updates as they come out. Instructions for accessing the CVS repository can be found here:


Report issues to sdkfeedback@nvidia.com or email me directly.

OK, I did a new cvs update. Did some work-around comments in gl.h, and glxtokens.h. Recompiled, and all the demos (except a couple with missing Makefiles) worked perfectly. Good work!


I am about to download the SDK as was wondering what the required “work-around comments” in gl.h and glxtokens.h were.


– Dan

If you use the gl.h and glxtokens.h that ship with the current NVIDIA drivers you will need to comment out the sections that #define GL extensions

For example, in gl.h you can find something like this:

#define GL_ARB_multitexture 1
#define GL_ARB_texture_cube_map 1

Its a large section that should be commented out. You need to do this because the extension loading library used in most of the demos checks to see if these extensions are defined and if they are, it does nothing. Which means that no function types are declared and you get all sorts of compiler errors.

There is a similar but smaller section in glxtokens.h that #defines some pbuffer stuff and it will need to be commented out as well.

EDIT: Please note, the CVS server is currently down but should be fixed by the end of this week.

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Thanks! I’ll give a shot later when CVS server is back up.

I still got a problem in the pbuffer.cpp:
are unknown.
i commended all #defines out
which looks like #define foo 1
in gl.h and glxtokens.h

would be nice to hear the solution from you nvsdk-gurus :smiley:


Where did you get your glx.h and glxtokens.h files from? The latest drivers include these files and have definitions for those functions, you might need to overwrite your existing header files (save a copy first) with the ones that come with our drivers.

Thanks. The files were old. with the new ones, the error doesnt occur anymore.


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