Nvidia Riva TNT2 question

I found the opengl dll file located in system32. I don’t know how to load it into the driver I downloaded from the Nvidia website for Nvidia Riva TNT2 (Windows XP). Can anyone tell me how to get open gl up and running for the updated Nvidia driver? If possible, please write up the steps of where to go and what files to edit.

Pfff, what do you want to do ? Hack through the system ?

If you installed correctly the nvidia driver (as described on the nvidia website), you will get OpenGL hardware acceleration. Do not worry about it. No particular steps or magical ceremony needed.

Uninstall your old drivers via control panel and restart. Then go to Start -> Run, and browse for the driver that you downloaded from nVidia.

Run it and follow the instructions. Restart again and ‘voila!’, your drivers are installed.

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