NVidia Riva TNT 2

Has anyone had any problems with OpenGL and this card.


Yes…and no.

At many stages in the birth and life of the TNT2-based cards, issues relating to OpenGL were found and resolved. That’s the process of driver development.

My suggestion is to grab the latest 6.x series of drivers from Nvidia’s website. They are also called the “Detonator 3” drivers. If those solve your problems, great! If not, I would suggest going to support.dell.com and grabbing the 5.31 driver. I found those to be the most stable (albeit not performance oriented) drivers of the last 8 months or so.




I can’t enable POLYGON_SMOOTH on this card.

My sorry to nVidia… when i change drivers from Asus to nVidia, all begin work perfect!

Managed to get the card to work.

Simply installing the new version of the drivers worked a treat.

Thanks for the help.

DavidC (david.callaghan@virgin.net)

I’ll try and enbable POLYGON SMOOTH on Monday
at work.

Let you know if it works.