nvidia riva 128

My PC is about 6 years old, originally with W98SE but I have upgraded to XP Pro recently.
My graphics card is nvidia Vanta Riva 128?
I now have a program that is asking for OpenGL to run.
Any suggestions on how to get it?

New OS + ancient hardware = headache.

You wont find XP drivers for the Riva 128. Nvidia only offers XP support for TNT (or better) class hardware. You could probably hack the driver to install but I dont think thats a good idea.

Depending on the program you try to run, the Riva may not offer the required functionality anyway.

Which program is it you want to run?

It is called www.myvirtualhome.com.au
It seems that it is failing as I do not have OpenGL installed.
I think my card is a NVidia Vanta 128
Can I get an updated driver to allow OpenGl?