Nvidia optimus on laptop


I wonder if someone could share some experience regarding OpenGL development with graphics cards from Nvidia that has Optimus? I am thinking about laptops.

I read a bit about people complaining about Optimus, that you can’t control which card you want to use (the gma or the nvidia). I wouldn’t want to end up with a laptop that forces me to use the gma chip…

Also, I lately tend to use Linux more and more, but working on Windows would be alright I guess.

There are some interesting laptops with the Nvidia 540/555 card, it’s just the Optimus stuff that prevents me from buying one. Does ATI have something equal to Optimus btw?

I actually bought a Asus g74 with Nvidia 560 GTX a while ago, but returned in due to crappy keyboard (missed keypresses) and now I would like to buy a new laptop, but a cheaper one.