nVidia OpenGL SDK "older" edition

Hello and merry christmas!
Is there anyone who can tell me where i can find and older version of nVidia OpenGL SDK.
I want a past version because my card is a little(or maybe very ?) old (Viper v330).
I have downloaded the latest SDK (my god!!! 60 MEGS) but every demo is using extensions my card doesn’t support, and every presentation is speaking about GeForce 3 abilities.
Is there a place where i can find an older version with demos and presentations from my card’s season. I want to see what my card can handle (effects etc.),and learn from the Master of graphics, nVidia.

Thanks in advance.


PS. I had always some questions i would like to ask. Extensions are hardware supported only or there are some of them in OpenGL related DLLs. Can i add extensions support to my system without changing the card?[I can’t change it because my mainboard has no AGP slot (PMMX 233MHz on Soyo 5BT5) and i can’t find a better card in PCI slot (is there anything better in PCI except VIPER ???)].
Where can if find a very detailed tutorial on extensions, talking from what they are to how can i use them ?

Thanks again (!!!) and merry christmas;

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To my knowledge nVidia didn’t provide an SDK before Geforce3. That explains why there is no download available on their site for anything else and why there is no demos for anything but Geforce3.

But do not dispair. You can still access all the OpenGL 1.3 functions and other extensions of your card by using the method that is used in general to access extensions. (Find a tutorial on accessing extensions to see how).

The nVidia SDK is essentially unneeded to use the nVidia extra features. It is just made as a convenient service to speed up coding by providing headers and initialization for all their extensions. I believe you can still use the header provided though even when you have an older card.

Note also that access to some functions come via the driver, so be sure to have the latest drivers installed at all times.

is tne viper330 a riva128 (i used to have one + there are a few extensions supported eg point parameters just call glGetString(GL_EXTENSIONS) to check.
i dont believe the riva128 has opengl1.3 drivers.

ps most cards can be brought in a pci variatey (even new ones eg geforces) they are usually more expensive + rarer though