nvidia opengl problems with Unreal Tournament under Windows

Before, i had an ati xpert play 98 with 2 voodoo2 in SLI mode and Unreal Tournament worked properly in 1024*768 with 27 im/s.

Now i bought an nvidia geforce2mx agp with 32 MO in DDR and the game doesn’t work properly: there’is many breaks in the game or it doesn’t want to start…

with opengl and dx i have these problems, it is unplayable !!!

Please save me, i love this game !!

correct me if im wrong but dosent unreal tornement use the glide api from 3dfx and direct X direct 3d and does not support open gl even so you should be able to play it in direct x.
so try these tip:
get latest drivers video card
get latest version of directx 8
check if there a game patch for any knowen hardware issues

Not inherently, but Tim released openGL patches, so UT now runs in Opengl, although this is still in beta.

goto unreal.epicgames.com and download the latest patches.