Nvidia OpenGL drivers for low-end cards - when?

I have a PNY (NVidia) GeForce 6200 and it has no OpenGL drivers, but it has PhysX drivers. I am not sure about this, but I think PhysX provides CUDA, which I need for Adobe products and other video stuff.

what is lacking is OpenGL drivers. I tried the drivers on the cd. no go. so then I tried the newest drivers from NVidia’s web site. no go.

will some engineers at NVidia please make OpenGL drivers available as part of the drivers set for lower end cards?

OpenGL driver is part of NVIDIA driver bundle (DirectX, PhysX,OpenGL). It cannot be installed separately.

Why do you think you do not have OpenGL drivers installed?

Adobe Photoshop CS5 says “no 3d”, and it requires OpenGL.

actually I should say that 3d is optional on photoshop, but I would like to use all the features of photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop CS5 says “no 3d”, and it requires OpenGL.

Maybe Photoshop simply requires more from OpenGL than your graphics card can provide.

Your card is not “low-end”; it is over a half-decade old.

actually I should say that 3d is optional on photoshop, but I would like to use all the features of photoshop.

I’m curious; what features of Photoshop requires 3D.



Those don’t seem to be features so much as making Photoshop faster.

Also, Adobe Photoshop CS5 came out a mere 6 months ago. The GeForce 6200 came out over half a decade ago. Do you really expect a recent Photoshop version to take advantage of such outdated hardware? This page from NVIDIA clearly states which versions of its cards work on CS5. And the only non-quadros are the GTX480 and the GTX285.

It is hard to say what GPU features are needed for accelerating Photoshop CS5. They do not provide much details.

More info is here: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/404/kb404898.html

OpenGL 2.0 should be enough. GF 6200 looks OK.

Photoshop acceleration requires OGL e CUDA support.
Cuda Support is allowed only from 8400GS and higher.


I’m curious; what features of Photoshop requires 3D.

surely you’ve seen the dragon and ship ads adobe is putting out for adobe photoshop cs5. that’s photoshop cs5 extended at work. it’s not just a paint or photo program. it’s added 3d rendering and a slight amount of cad.

Photoshop CS5 Extended has several 3D object manipulation tools. one of them is Repousse. I think one of Repousse’s abilities is to take a flat image and extrude it, do 3d text, etc.

take a look at the repousse tool yourself.

but I can’t tell you all photoshop can do in 3d (which is probably plenty since I think it works with CAD) because it’s not enabled on my machine! let’s not get the cart before the horse.

if you think you can stop rebuking me and simply supply me with drivers, that would be great. I don’t care if the 6200’s an old card. OpenGL drivers should have been supplied with it if nvidia says that it works with Adobe CS5 on their web site. period. if it doesn’t do that, it’s false advertising. why do you think I bought the card in the first place?

According to Adobe website, your card is not listed as supported :

So you probably have OpenGL on your card, but not a sufficently advanced version for CS5. Ask for a refund or an exchange if you can.

For the record, can you run the OpenGL Extension Viewer from here, and post the OpenGL version it displays ?

my mistake, there are 2 different places in photoshop where you enable 3d. all fine now.

The NVidia GeForce 6200 card is VERY slow whenever anything with 3d has been done in Photoshop. it’s like a a trigger has been set and it won’t turn off unless you:

  • turn off 3d support
  • exit photoshop

maybe this is because it has no processors or CUDA.

I have also heard that even with high end cards Photoshop can be slow unless you tweak the “advanced” settings in the card. does anyone have a clue what those could be?

Saying the GeForce 6200 has no processors is silly. Of course it has.
I don’t know whether Photoshop supports that card and really the 6200 is not a CUDA enabled GPU.

Besides the fact that this is an ancient graphics card without CUDA/OpenCL support, that was very fill-limited even back in its day (2004), I wonder if you might also have the PCI version of this card (not PCI-Express, PCI). That’d sure help dog it down too, especially in image-heavy apps like Photoshop which (particularly on a non-CUDA-capable GPU like yours) have to do nearly all of their processing on the CPU.

Had a little experience running a super-cheap GPU more recent than yours (unified cores) on the ol’ PCI bus. A year or so ago, thought I’d try to cheap out a while longer on upgrading and tried a GeForce 8400 GS PCI for $20 or so. Worked decently in GL, …except when you were running an app that needed to shovel a lot of data to/from the GPU of course; like playing movie trailers, streaming textures onto the GPU in GL, reading back framebuffer data. Then (intuitively) it was pretty bad.

agp8x but can’t find an 8600 (GS?) AGP 8x which would be the answer to my problems. I had considered buying either a quadro 3000 agp if that would do the job, or a 7950, bu the 7950 didn’t seem beefy enough.
the ebay vendor didn’t say how many stream procs the quadro 3000 had. I know it’s not going to work with Premiere (must be 3800, 4800 or 5800).

I don’t believe the term “stream processors” means anything until GeForce 8 (G80), which introduced unified shader cores.

The Quadro FX 3000 (GeForce FX 5900) you’re talking about, as well as the GeForce 7950, are both pre-G80 (pre-GeForce 8). So AFAIK, the term doesn’t apply. For stream processors, and similarly for any CUDA/OpenCL support, I believe you need G80 or better (GeForce 8 or better).

Sounds like you’re trying hard to stay with an AGP 8x motherboard, but still get a CUDA/OpenCL-capable GPU. That’s one of the reasons why I jumped on that 8400 GS. It was one of the very few options to do so, though you had to suck it up and deal with ol’ PCI bus bandwidth.

Unless you can find one of those unusual GPUs out there, I think you have to go to PCI Express for CUDA/OpenCL-capable NVidia GPUs.

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