NVidia NVS/ XP / hardware accleration

I’m using the NVidia window manager that came with our NVidia NVS to figure out why we’re getting such poor performance. When I go to the ‘Performance’ window, ‘Advanced’, then look at ‘hardware acceleration’, it says ‘OFF’. Not good. So I attempt to enable hardware acceleration by clicking on ‘hardware acceleration’ then dragging the slider bar to ‘4x’. But after I do this the ‘Apply’ button is still faded out, meaning I can’t Apply hardware acceleration (?).

'Sup? what gives? Is hardware acceleration not possible with our NVidia NVS and XP? On the Windows XP window manager, I went to ‘Display’, ‘Advanced’, and saw that hardware acceleration was set to full there.


The NVS comes in different flavors, which one are we talking about a AGP or an PCI based one?

In the later case you cant of course select AGP4x.

If it an AGP based version I guess somethings wrong with the GART installtion or something along thoose linest which causes the AGP bus to fall back into plain PCI mode.

Some more details would sure help.