Nvidia, Linux, GLXPbuffers


I’m trying to do accelerated off-screen rendering under X on a GeForce2/3. The header files accompanying the latest NV drivers (1.0-1251) seem to mention GLXPbuffers, and GLXFBConfigs, and so on. Good, I think.

I am not having much success though. glXGetFBConfigs() returns no valid configs.

Interestingly enough glXQueryVersion() returns 1.2 using these drivers.

Am I to assume from this that the current NV drivers are still in a state of flux, and don’t fully support GLX 1.3 yet?

Basically trying to find out if anyone sucessfully has used pbuffers on Linux…

– Niels

the current nvidia glx drivers do not support glx 1.3 (even though all the function calls are in the headers, and libs, they are not implemented). the latest they support is glx 1.2. since pbuffers are new to glx 1.3, you cannot use them. rendering to an auxilliary buffer might do what you want to do…

The latest drivers are at 1541.


I gave up with the pbuffers in the end and used auxillary buffers. Come on nvidia, GLX1.3 ASAP please…

Are auxillary buffers accelerated on NV20?

– Niels

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