Nvidia Linux Code Sample Needed

Hello Everyone,

Can some please point me to some sample code for Nvidia Linux that uses vertex array range extensions (together with AllocateMemory etc). I’m confused about what files to include, and what exactly the functions are to call. The sample code at the nvidia website are for Windows, and I’ve having trouble porting them to Linux…



Make sure you have Nvidia’s own ‘enhanced’ GL headers. They should be located in /usr/[share/]doc/NVIDIA_GLX-1.0/usr/include/GL/* and end up in /usr/include/GL (should be the case if Nvidia’s drivers where properly installed). Then you just use regular headers (gl.h, glext.h, glx.h).

You’ll also need the glX{Allocate,Free}MemoryNV functions, which are defined in <glx.h>, the counterpart of their wgl functions I believe (?).

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