NVIDIA GeForce4 OpenGL trouble

Hey guys…I’m having trouble with my Nvidia Geforce4 Ti 4200 with AGP8X.

Recently I upgraded to an AMD64 Althon 3200 with an Asus K8V-X motherboard. After the upgrade I had to reinstall several drivers including my 3D card…but unfortunately I found that my 3D card couldn’t work with games like UT2004, Doom 3 and Half Life 2. I’ve tried restalling several versions of the driver with very little success.

I recently downloaded the OpenGL Extensions Viewer to found out what was wrong. I tested my card to find that I failed 1 test out of 6 and it failed me on the shading language. So I decided to update to the current driver and test my card again, but this time it failed me on 5 tests…so I ended up reinstallin the driver below. It appears that I have no No paletted texture support…does anyone know or have a driver or solution to this problem…I need your help please.

The problem with Windows and swapping out the mainboard is, it never actually works reliable. There will be old drivers left over that interfer with the current drivers.

If you swap the motherboard you better reinstall the whole system from scratch.

As far as paletted textures are concerned, Nvidia dropped the support for them entirely, so did ATI.

mmmm UT and HL2 are DirectX games.
Some video cards require a certain level of D3D support to work, like at least D3D8.
Try what qwerty says.