NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 Application Crash

Hello all,

I bought a new desktop yesterday, and I have been installing drivers and all of my tools onto it.

It’s Windows 10 64 bit, and as above my graphics card is NVIDIA GeForce GTX1060. My renderer, however, crashes hard upon a call to glDrawElements. And looking at the stacktrace gives me almost nothing to go on, but I’ve gathered that it comes from my graphics driver dll. I installed the newest version of the driver (390.01), a couple of different older ones from the NVIDIA page, and the original that came with my PC. But the issue persists.

I read somewhere that it might have to do with binding buffers/VAOs out of order, but my renderer ran fine on my last computer and a couple of others, and after looking at the Khronos website tutorial for VAOs, I don’t think I have the operations in the wrong order. GLEW isn’t reporting anything either.

My code is definitely a possible problem I suppose, but I’m not seeing how. I could post snippets here if that’d be helpful. I tried CodeXL, and it didn’t turn up anything more than the stacktrace did.

Right now I’m kind of at a loss, so I’d appreciate the help!


Alright, I found the problem. While I was binding my mesh data, the UV list was empty; apparently the new graphics card handles that differently.

But anyways, thank you for consideration!

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