NVidia, dualview, pixel buffers.

Ok, I’ve got a problem…
When running an nvidia dual-head card in dualview mode (so it shows up as 2 heads instead of one) it appears to not delete pixelbuffers correctly. This symptom only shows up if the opengl compat mode is set to compatibility mode (performance mode flatly doesn’t work for my app), single-display mode runs perfectly (but I can’t have the windows where they need to be :P)

The app needs to create pbuffer, destroy buffer many times (as it creates and destroys windows). When it uses the 4th pbuffer it creates, the screen remains black. No pbuffer creation of destruction calls ever return an error. In fact, even when it’s not working, it allows me to bind to the pbuffer and so on without an error. It just doesn’t work. And on some hardware, it crawls to a halt.

Has anyone encountered this, and if so do they have a workaround? :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately, because of my app, I can’t just leave the pbuffer created all the time, which was my first thought

hmm… following up on my own post… does
anyone know how slow it is to:

Copy an area from a pbuffer (1024x768, 32 bit currently, but I could drop it to 16 without problem probably).
and, blit it to a non-opengl window.
(Potentially with whatever fiddling of format is required)

I know it’s “slow” but given I’m currently running dog slow because nvidias compatibility mode opengl blows anyhow, it might not matter.

Anything up to about 1/60th of a second would probably mean it’s faster for me :stuck_out_tongue: