nvidia drivers still causing system halts?

Is anyone still expereincing this little annoyance? I’ve got the latest NVidia drivers, and XFree86 4.0 on a Slackware 7.0 system. System HW specs: AMD Athlon@700 MHz, AMD-751 Irongate AGP chipset and an Elsa Erazor X GeForce 256. It seems these lockups occur most often in my windowed glut applications, and not so frequent in “full screen” apps. Anyone have a clue as to why this happens or have experienced the same with a similar system? I know Irongate chipsets had their troubles in Windows as well, where lockups occured until you set the board to AGP 1x mode.

Try to lower you AGP memory size. On my system (128Mo) when I set it to the size of physical RAM, I have regular swapping that cause glitches. When I set up to half size, all problems diseappears.

I had no other lockups with the lastest driver (0.93).

I had the same problem… But the solution is quite simple: turn off agp support.
read the FAQ from nvidia to find out exactly how this is done, but i think it was something like appending
Option “NvAgp” “0”
to the screen section of your XF86Config

Well…I switched back to the v0.9-2 where I was using v0.9-3. All lockups have since then, ceased. Hmmmmmm…