NVIDIA drivers not fully openGL compliant?

I may have done myself in. I upgraded Glut in an effort to fix another problem, and now I’m getting missing dependancies when linking programs against the new nvidia libGL.so library. If I put the mesa libraries back in place, the problem goes away. Is anyone seeing this? Do I need to reinstall the old glut?

If you examine the output do you see that the missing functions is extensions to GLX. The extensions is not implemented by NVidia . I use a GLUT library from an earlier Mesa version than 4 but you can of course update the makefile and build the new GLUT linked to the NVidia files. I do not know if they have changed anything in the GLUT sources.

I went back to an older release from an earlier rpm file. It’s still 3.7.0, but it seems to work. I think that when I compiled glut that there might have been a switch set wrong in the Makefiles that was causing the problem, but I didn’t feel like fighting with it so I don’t really know for sure what happened.

I think that you did everything right but GLUT tries to use some extensions that is not implemented by NVidia but Mesa has them. If you are building the library with Mesa headers will the compile time test pass and the resulting library requires GLX libraries with the extensions.

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