Nvidia Drivers!!Argghh!PLZ Help!!

Hi All,
Well my problem is a bit complicated but i’ll try to explain the best i can.I recently installed a fresh copy of XP(comp getting chuggy).I have an Nvidia Geforce4MX 440 installed.Previously running on the great(i thought)41.09 drivers.But problems began after the reinstall.I normally install the MSI drivers first (28.32) then install the Nvidia drivers (41.09).So i did but…Soon after i went to boot up Half-Life,my monitor goes to sleep,and now HL,Music 2000,NOLF,and a few other progs jus end up turing my monitor off!!Ive had a look on Nvidia’s and Msi’s waebsite for help but to no avail!!So absoloutly any help would be greatly apreciated!!
P.S. ( When reverting to the older 28.32
drivers everything goes ok,but
would much rather be on the 41.09
My Sys Spec is:

AMDAthlonXP 2000+
256 PC2100 DDR Ram
Abit KX7333 Motherboard
Seagate Barracuda 60GB HD
C-Media 8738 S/Card
Geforce4 MX 440 (MSI)
Windows XP
350W P/S



this may be because your monitor doesn’t allow the freq. that the card emits.