Nvidia driver problem on Riva TNT2 M64

I got thýs Pixelview Riva TNT2 M64(pcý) but ý thýnk ýt doesn’t run ýn full performance.My system ýs wýn98 128mb sdram
celeron400.Few days ago ý ýnstalled detonator3 driver from Nvidia but ýt dýdn’t make any changes(they saýd ýt would boost up thýs cards performance by %50!!)And with this detonator3 you can’t change hardware settings because ýt dýsables ýt.So ý ýnstalled the card’s orýgýnal driver to change the hardware settings then some games dýdn’t run properly.for ex:nfs porsche dýdn’t run.One last thýng ýs detonator3 ýs not certified by wýndows.thats what directx7a
I sure need some help!!!

Hello, my name is RoldeR.
I have a riva tnt2 M64, in a celeron 500mhz and 64 mb of ram, and drivers detonator 3.
And the power of my riva dosen’t up the 50% but say the web of the nvidia.
Anithing person whit response this problem.