nvidia download troubles

after at least 10 attempts over the last couple of days to download a 3mb file from nvidia my patience has finally broken.
the story to date.
since ive resumed programming (about 4 months ago) after a hiatus of about a year, ive found downloading files from the nvidia developer website to be very very frustrating as its a hit + miss affair if they complete or not. of the at least 200 or so attempts to download pdf’s etc i have success approx 10-20% of the time (im not exaggerating btw).
*- these attempts have been made with a few difference internet companies in a couple of different countries (oz/nz) on both broadband + dialup on different computers. so i dont think its just me having these problems
*- downloading the nvidia drivers seems to go alright, ie it seems to be only the developer website that suffers from these problems
*- the nvidia servers dont support resuming thus thats a mother.
*- with all other sites i’ve downloaded from i have nowhere near the same trouble.

surely im not the only one suffering from this?
is the developer site mirrored elsewhere