NVidia: Console opening, weird error message

Hi all,

after using our software for a while,
our users see a console window opening
with the following error message
( mostly multiple times )

CreateRmSysmemSurface __glNvRmAllocMemory64 failed 41

Closing the Console window closes the application,
too (w/o giving the opprtunity to save data) so i consider
this a serious bug.

Does anyone know what causes this problem?

CPU usage was ~75% ( Dual Core )
SysMem was 60% ( some 1 Gig of 2 used )
GPU 7900 GS, load unknown but a lot of large texture data
( 4096x1024 )
Driver 163.16


Are they using VMWare by any chance ?

Someone in China had the same message :
Unfortunately, he does not say how he solved its problem…

no vmware involved - just plain opengl running on a laptop …

just in case anbody is interested, this seems to be related to a GDI resource leak - leaking one DC ( call to ::GetDC( 0 ) w/o ReleaseDC ) per frame until exactly 10.000 GDI resources are allocated, then application hangs.


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