Nvidia CgLabs Problem

I downloaded CgLabs last night for linux:


installed as required and tried to run it… everything is installed, GL, Cg, Gtk etc. But I’m getting a very uninformative segfault before anything happens.

Nothing pops out at me when I look at the strace, so I’m wondering if anyone has run the CgLabs stuff and had/not had problems.

Running on Debian (unstable) so I’ve the latest libs required.

Any feedback would be good, thanks.

I tried it on redhat 9 and had the same problem.

Both CgLabs and CgTutorial work for me. RH8.0 (most patches), Ti4600, 1.0-4363 drivers.

I am running on RH9 with GeForce 4200 Go and have not had any problems - other than the cgc compiler was a seperate download. Are you having problems running all the sample denos or just some?

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